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The Film Actors Talent Agency has evolved as a choice for Actors and Actresses who have been educated and graduated at the Film Actors Academy (FACTA) in London.


For many years, the Agency's Directors Paul & Tony have watched a high number of success stories from it's graduates with external Acting Agencies  (Examples are listed below and can be seen via the FACTA Website by clicking on the photo).

Additionally at the same time, they have seen a percentage of Academy Actors & Actresses struggle to find the right Agency for themselves.  Now with The Film Actors Talent Agency, there is a place to continue their acting journey and career within a very similar culture along side its high disciplined values. 

The Film Actors Talent Agency also welcomes applications externally via 

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Film Actors Talent Agency Co-Founder Paul J Lane has been instrumental in developing Agency members from his accredited Film Actors Academy in London and through his skillset as a Casting Director has been influential in many awards for his film projects including Best Actor & Best Actress to his members at the West Coast Film Awards (Katrina Ross & Julian Gamm - Film Yellow)


Paul appreciates & respects the importance of skill-set alongside gracefulness when applying for roles within the film industry. 

Qualifications include Cert. ICSA for business acumen and NVQ qualifications for Coaching & Training.

Paul has won 31 IMDb awards for Filmmaking and has worked alongside Acting Agencies for 11 years.


Film Actors Talent Agency Co Founder Tony Fadil has worked with Paul for over 10 years and is one of the Honorary Life Time members at The Film Actors Academy. 

He has won a number of awards for Filmmaking & Film Producing including Hollywood Moving Pictures for Best Film and The Naples Film Awards.

Tony also collaborates actively with other Film Directors, Actors, Producers & has worked alongside notable names such as  Eric Roberts, Mark Wingett, Michael Flatley, Gary Webster & Luke Goss.

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